22 January 2011

A movie in a correct time

I not so sure why i go n download this movie, but tonight i watched it.
Well, have to say its a great movie from year 2004. Apparently, this movie taught me to move on to the maximum. What i felt is Life will end if you give up, neither u try. I have to move harder , doing something meaningful instead continue to be lost in a jungle. Whatever it is, it has to be myself. Searching for the truth of life. Its time to be even mature minded, exploring the nature of human.
ps : i'm not dead yet...

09 November 2010

woohoo !

Its been a long time havent make into this blog. omg, fyp still in progress. but anyhow, life in uni is much more better when facing the real world. Somehow a student can be called as a boss while after graduate, totally different story.
Well, i'm in the middle of idea-less to continue my manga cafe. i was just keep asking myself around, can i really draw in the end of facing the TVC. Sien....Afterall this time i would take my assignment NOT much more serious. Seriously i cant get what i wanted after tremble all over my head.Plagiarize, procrastinate always makes me headache. Make it simple, i wish to copy the style that available now...so hard to get my own..wtf...and procrastinate is sibeh what i always do. Time flow so fking fast like watch one ham dai ady cost me one afternoon...nah is just 20min ham dai.
After internship, this project rushing is nothing to me. coz the fking internship is so lan strict that i cant even be 1% of myself inside. I wish to shout FK GAO U when i didt do something wrong. o0o
Seriously hope that i can get my own design style during this project. Is no easy to discover one like finding ur true love...ok sibeh geli liao
FYP 1 continue...

28 July 2010


人生也过了一个阶段 , 今天是最矛盾的一天 . 想哭. 对, 我还是那么的懦弱 . 工做上遇到了非常多矛盾点. 是吗? 每个人都会的啦. 可是 , 我撑不下了. 对, 就只是今晚 . 很乱. 真的很乱. 想找人谈不过谁呢. 如果再这样下去严重的会性格分裂 . 是什么起因? 太细心? 懦弱 ? 怕事 ? 对. 我对自己说, 不能像小孩样乱发脾气 . 忍 . 为何要忍 ? 忍了能解决问题吗? 如果是那样,我能撑很久。不过又很矛盾,怕忍也被抄。。。。。地位问题?还是办事能力真的像白痴吗?你不是有自信能成功吗?。。。。。。今天小小的尝试想解释,都被她据例子,她赶走的人。原来我被当成那种少爷学生,他们以为我没挨过。我什么都听他们的,对,像狗哪,我没改变过,到现在的今天。矛盾。该不该生气?是为了我好?就让我自由发挥。可能我真的太听他们的(做事时)。老板是个好人。就因为这样,看见他对我失望的表情和没期待的心情,给我很大打击。我不是那么没用的*暂时不想帮自己解释*。 我真的每天在努力,真的想三个月里给所有人留下一个好印象。haiz。。隔壁的couple又在吵架。没什么心情了。

06 November 2009

1st cake

Its a cake from my ex-housemate, what i can see i guess is the 1st cake i ever receive from a long time ago. I mean from friends. kind of touched for this suprise even tough i dont really think its important but somehow makes me felt i'm cared. Really thanks them for this delicious cake
. i'm 23 now. but someohow begin to feels that i'm that useless and unmature being a son.Still, getting money from my parents, burden them, burned they sweating money for over used. Dam, truely felt lonely for this two days, especially in night.

The Memory

Its a trip that i had enjoy alot. truely. Withow any regret and will remember this forever. I still remember the day one, few of buddies sitting in the sea....watching....watching the beutiful and breath taking sun set and gradient sky. Its an image that i never had before. Truely touched deep inside my heart.Few days of this trip but never felt a second of boring. I guess i just enjoyed alot even tough few of us just playing poker on a bed , driking whiskey...yet is a kind of enjoyment.Hope able to keep this image till the end of my day.

17 September 2009


19 Sep, 2009 age 23

转眼之间,这个sem就要完了。 想回前几个月前,今天的我的确有点不一样了。当时的我,对于班上的友情非常的在乎。不知是缺少了友情还是寂寞令到我觉得非要对他们要好不得。但是确忽略了是否别人一定要跟我一样。当时是有心疼的感觉。我不是很会做人。我想可能还要一段时间来消化。就觉得他们是非常的表面朋友,都没能找到一个能讲心事。有说有笑,可是就不会露出感情的一面。我是说,非常的少。诉苦也只会引来懦弱。当然我现在也试着选择保持了距离。虽然如此,我的确活得更没压力。因为感情就是这样,越在乎,越痛苦。有时太靠近反而冒犯了朋友的空间。和不来,就慢慢来。
4.36 a.m